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BaZi: 用神 Useful God, 杂气 Mixed Qi

杂气 - ZaQi, mixed Qi or miscellaneous Qi is a term frequently used to describe the Qi under Earth EBs i.e Chen Xu Chou and Wei.

ZPZQ says:

The four tombs are mixed Qi, why is it called so? because there are many (Qi) hidden inside, that is why it is called mixed. Like Chen is basically Wu, but it is also the tomb of Water and the Residual Qi of Yi, there are three (Qi), how do we get the Useful (God)?, it is actually quite easy, those that protrude or is combined (3 combination or 3 meetings) and is thus become clear is used (as the Useful God), it is mixed but not mixed.

This paragraph tells use there are 2 ways to determine Useful God for an Earth month EB.
1. To look for a HS that protrude from the Month EB
2. To look for a combination or meeting involving the Month EB

Next ZPZQ continues to explain what is protruding and meeting / combination.

What does it mean by protruding in the stem? Such as Jia born in the month of Chen, with Wu protruding the Use(ful God) is Indirect Wealth, with Gui protruding the Use(ful God) is Direct Seal, with Yi protruding the Use(ful God) is YueJie.

What does it mean by meeting (and combination) in the branches? Like Jia born in the month of Chen, meeting Shen and Zi to form (water frame), thus the Use(ful God) is Seal.

One that is protruding means there is one Use(ful God), When there are more than 1 protruding at the same time, the elements are Use together, protruding and combination if happens together, then element that is protruding and the element that is resulted from the meeting are Used together. (Use as in regarded as Useful God)

And if the match is affectionate, it is auspicious, if the match is not affectionate, it is not auspicious.

What does it mean by (being) Affectionate? It 'follows', and (the Gods) mutually complete.

Like Jia born in the month of Chen, protruding Gui as Seal, and (Chen) meets Zi and Shen to form (water) frame, it is a Seal structure, Pure and not Impure, it is protruding in the stem and meeting in the branches, the matching is affectionate. (like Obama's chart)

Also, such as Bing born in the month of Chen, protruding Gui as Officer, and also meets Yi as Seal, Officer and Seal mutually engenders, and Seal can also get rid of the dark Earth inside Chen to clear the Officer (Wu earth is Food God for Bing DM, and Officer dislikes Food and Hurting Officer), it is both stems protruding together, matching and affectionate.

Also, such as Jia born in the month of Chou, Xin penetrates as Officer, and meets Si and You in the branches to form Metal Frame, and also Ji Wealth protrudes to engender Officer, that is 2 stems protruding simultaneously, and it matches with the combination between the branches and is regarded as Affectionate.

Affection 有情 is a very important concept for classical BaZi, ZPZQ seems to explain this concept in many of its chapters. Unlike modern BaZi that stresses on the strength of the DayMaster, classical BaZi emphasizes more on the way of the Useful God is used, if it is used correctly, the chart is regarded as Affectionate, if it is not used correctly, then it is not affectionate.

What does it mean by Not Affectionate? it is against and (the Gods) turn their backs against each other.

Like Ren born in the month of Wei, Ji penetrates as Officer, and the branches meets Hai and Mao to form a Hurting Officer frame, that is penetrating Officer and combination of the branches (that resulted in a Hurting Officer), the match is not affectionate.

Also such as Jia born in the month of Chen, Wu penetrates as Wealth, or also penetrating are Ren or Gui as Seals, if Gui penetrates, it combines with Wu, and thus Wealth and Seal are both lost, if Ren penetrates, Wealth and Seal are both injured, also that is called 'to be greedy of Wealth and break the Seal' is two Stems that protruding together with a inaffectionate match.

Also such as Jia born in the month of Xu. Xin penetrates as Officer, also penetrating is Xin as Hurting Officer, Month branch meets Yin and Wu to form a Hurting Officer frame, two stems protruding together, and with the combinations of the branches, result in an inaffectionate match.

Also there are (charts) that is affectionate but eventually becomes inaffectionate, why?

Like Jia born in the month of Chen, meets Ren as Seal, also meets Bing, Seal (structure) basically likes DM to be exhausted, that seems like a successful structure, and fire can engender Earth, and that fire is assisting the Earth inside Xu, so the Seal structure is not clear, in this case, it is better for Ren to protrude while the branches meets Shen and Zi (to form a water frame), so the protrusion of Bing does not hinder (the Seal)

Also there's Jia born in the month of Chen, Ren protrude as Seal, although Bing does not protrude, the Branches see a Xu, Xu and Chen clash and Earth is moved, the Ren on stem has difficulties connecting to the Month Branch, the Seal structure is not successful, that is (example of) an affectionate (chart) that is eventually not affectionate, wealthy but not noble people.

Also there are (charts) that seem inaffectionate but eventually is affectionate, why?

Like Gui born in the month of Chen, Wu protrudes as Officer, also meets Shen and Zi to form a water frame, protruding is mutually countering with the combination. But the one that is being countered or countering is Rob Wealth, it is like YueJie structure that uses Officer, what injury does it bring?

Note: Rob Wealth structure likes to use Officer.

Also there's Bing fire born in the month of Chen, Wu penetrates as Food, also protruding is Ren as Devil, there's two stems that are protruding together, and they both counter each other, but then the one being countered is the Indirect Officer, it is likened to a Food God carrying the Devil or Devil being controlled by Food, both of them are beautiful structures, these frames are more noble. It is inaffectionate (at first) but eventually become affectionate.


  1. Hi trey,

    Trying to follow your explanation in this topic, I am still confused when looking at the following chart....

    Gui Xin Ding Jia
    Si You Chou Xu
    (DM is Xin-You)

    1. Being born in Chou and Gui-Water, an HHS in Chou, protrudes.
    2. There is Si-You-Chou combination of Metal (though not able to transform due to non-supportive month) which is also another HHS in Month EB-Chou. But the protruding Xin-Metal is the DM itself, not any other HS like in your given examples.
    3. On top of those, the texts emphasizes many times that 7K has to be considered in the first place.....and, there is 7K in Month Pillar's HS, but it is not among HHS in Chou.

    May I ask, in this sample case, what element should be picked as main element to establish the chart structure, and is there any chart structure which this chart can fall into..??

    I at first tend to prefer selecting the Gui-Water, the EG, but the San He of Metal and, also 7K, lessen my confidence....

    Btw, in case Gui can be used, can the chart be classifed as Food God controlling Devil?

    Please help....


  2. Gui Xin Ding Jia
    Si You Chou Xu

    This is considered a special structure. Xin born with complete Si You Chou.

    This is the reference

    If this were a normal structure, yes it would be food god controlling devil.

  3. Hi trey,

    Thank you v much for your help and suggestion.


  4. Hi trey,

    After reading the reference, there is only thing causing my curiosity. It's about the month of birth. In the article, birth month of the example, Mr. Walker, is You-Rooster Metal which means Metal Qi is definitely strong and rules the chart.

    But for my case of being born in Chou-Ox which have mixed Qi, do we have to ascertain the dominant Qi to be Metal, or not? or just the Si-You-Chou combination is already enough?


  5. Hi Dechawoo

    By broad definition, any metal DM with complete metal frame is already a metal dominant structure. In your case, month is Chou, Xin inside Chou gets the command after it is moved with the metal frame.


  6. Hi trey,

    Thank you, again..


  7. Does the Jia wood break the structure?

    Food God produce wealth instead of control 7k?