Wednesday, January 9, 2013

天干地支 HS / EB - Part 11 San Ming Tong Hui - Bing Fire

SMTH 丙 Bing Fire

Bing Fire is beautiful at mid day, it shines all heaven and earth;

in heaven as the Sun as Lightning, on earth as furnace as smelt, it is named Yang Fire.

It is at the stage of 'Lu' in Si, Si is the fire of furnace and smelt, named as Dead Fire.

Dead fire is tough fire, likes dead wood to boost its flame, hates metal, earth covers up its light.

Dead wood is Jia Wood, Jia wood is at the stage of 'Lu' at Yin, Yin is the wall of Yang wood, wood that is prosperous cause fire to grow, hidden between wood and stone, cannot be used by people, cannot be developed, because 5 Yangs are all born naturally and are pre-heaven, and because all five Yins are related thing related to man-doings and are post-heaven, Bing Fire is born at Yin, the reason / principle is clear.

As the fire of the Sun rises from he East,and diminished when it reaches West, Dui as swamp; Ji earth engenders Metal, Metal Qi prosperous, covers and diminished the light of Bing Fire, cannot displays its prominence, how can it not be extinguished?

That is why Bing Fire is born in Yin and dies at You. The classic says: Fire does not face the West, it means this. 


  1. Bing dies at You is similar to the sun setting in the west. Bing do not like Metal / Wealth ? JR Rowling, author of Harry Potter has the following chart

    X Bing Gui Yi
    X Xu Wei Si

    She is Seal structure, strong self and food and hurt exhausting qi. She became very successful during the Ding Hai pillar and did not seem to need metal / wealth to generate her massive wealth. I read somewhere that with Bing, strong wood can attract metal. What do you think ?

  2. Erm, I never heard about Bing with strong wood can attract metal and I don't know any bazi principle that correspond to this.

    As for JK Rowling, it's kind of hard to know with three pillars. But output exhausting Qi is very auspicious for Seal structure and is often associated with artistic talents or literacy.

  3. Dear Trey,

    First let me thank you for your site, it provides invaluable and genuine background info for Bazi studies.

    On topic:
    According to astro databank, JK Rowling was most likely born at 10:45 AM - which is a Gui Si time (of course it is not veryfied but widely mentioned on many sites), giving her Si Snake double hour which is the birthplace of metal. It occurs in two pillars. She was started Harry Potter and suddenly got rich in a Ding Hai 10-year luck pillar. It was in 1997 (Ding Chou year) when the first big jump happened in her writing carrier, but her best financial period was in 2001 (Xin Si), a strong metal year.

    Gui Bing Gui Yi
    Si Xu Wei Si

    Born: July 31, 1965, 10:45 AM (-01:00 due to daylight saving)
    in: Bristol, Chipping Sodbury (United Kingdom),_J._K.

  4. Hi Ősvaló tanácsadás

    Welcome to the site and thank you for joining our discussion here.

    Gui Bing Gui Yi
    Si Xu Wei Si

    Suddenly got rich in Ding Hai year, when Hai and Wei arch to supports Yi.

    Best financial times are metal years, Wealth breaking Seal

    Is it possible that Si hour is actually Wu hour and this becomes a YangRen structure? Otherwise, there's no explanation for how these years and LPs can be auspicious for her. Difficult to know for a chart without a verified birth time.